Food Sekai - fake tv series premiere

premiere pro & after effects, 14 days

Although it's an older project and one of my first in video capture and editing, I found it relevant to include it in this portfolio because of its duration and the variety of techniques, camera shots, and experiments done to complete it.

"Food Sekai" is a pilot episode of a fictitious TV show centered around food. In teams of 7, we had two weeks to go through all the stages of creating a show: from establishing the company's identity, to writing the episode, then finding professionals, gathering equipment, and finally capturing, processing, and editing the footage to deliver the finished product.

This project marks my very first significant audiovisual endeavor accomplished within a team setting. It provided me with the opportunity to delve into various facets of production, including video and audio capture and editing, motion design, collaborative directing, and reaching out to professionals to interview for the show's episode.